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> 1. Cider Road2. Polka Never Dies3. Gintlemen’s Club4. Randy Dandy-Oh5. Goblin Humppa6. Poutine7. Turbo Island8. Black Sea Gale9. Clavdia’s Waltz10. Paulina11. West Country Man12. Sleep Is For The Weak13. Za Smierc Przyjaciela Vancouver, Canadá. Formados en 2006 en medio de cerveza barata en el lado este de Vancouver, The Dreadnoughts han recorrido el circuito […]

>The Dreadnoughts – Victory Square (2009)

Posted: 7th Octubre 2010 by rebel in The Dreadnoughts

> 1. Hottress 2. Ivanhoe 3. The West Country 4. Boneyard 5. Samovar 6. Grace O Malley 7. Skrigjaargent Polka 8. Eliza Lee 9. Amsterdam 10. Victory Square MY SPACEVIDEOWEBDOWNLOAD

> 1. Old Maui 2. Katie Bar the Door 3. Fire Marshall Willy 4. Antarctica 5. Leonard Cohen 6. Mary the One Eyed Prostitute, Who Fought the Colossal Squid and Saved Us from Certain Death on the High Seas. God Rest Her One Eyed Soul. 7. A Rambler’s Life 8. Sons of Murphy 9. Elizabeth […]