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> 1. Around The World (Intro)2. Sweet Dreams3. Da Da Da4. Kiss5. Around The World (Interlude)6. Que Rico El Mambo7. Pinball Chacha8. White Horse9. La Vida Es Llena De Cables10. Moscow Discow11. Around The World (Outro)12. Dreams Are My Reality13. Voodoo Dreams Frankfurt, Alemania. Uwe Schmidt también conocido como Atom Heart, Atom™ o Señor Coconut […]

> 1. My Name Is Coco 2. Yellow Magic (Tong Poo) 3. Coco Agogo 4. Limbo 5. What Is Coconut? 6. Behind The Mask 7. El Coco Rallado 8. Pure Jam 9. Mambo Numerique 10. Simoon 11. Coconut AM 12. The Madmen 13. What Is Coconut? 14. Music Plans 15. Breaking Music 16. Rydeen 17. […]

> 1. Smoke on the Water2. Negra Mi Chachacha3. Riders on the Storm4. Smooth Operator5. El Rey de las Galletas6. Oxygene, Pt. 27. Blue Eyes8. Las Marcas de Machin9. Beat It10. Electrolatino11. Humo en el Agua (Spanish version of “Smoke on the Water”) MY SPACEDOWNLOAD

> 1. Introduction2. Showroom Dummies3. Trans-Europe Express4. The Robots5. Neon Lights6. Autobahn7. Home Computer8. Tour de France9. The Man-Machine10. Musique Non Stop MY SPACEDOWNLOAD

> 1. El Coco Baile2. Supertropical3. Chocolatina4. Upper Mambo/Lower Funk5. Pisco Control6. Mambo.Val7. La Noche Cool8. Suavito9. Musica Moderna10. Diarios Clave11. 4-D Cha Cha12. El Ovni Mambo MY SPACEDOWNLOAD