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Jul 18

>Refugee All Stars – Rise & Shine (2010)

> Tracklist:01. Muloma (Let Us Be United)02. Global Threat03. Oruwiebie / Magazine Bobo Medley04. Living Stone05. Dununya [the World]06. Jah Mercy07. Tamagbondorsu [the Rich Mock the Poor]08. Bute Vange09. Jah Come Down10. Bend Down the Corner11. Goat Smoke Pipe12. Gbrr Mani [Trouble]13. Watching All Your Ways The new work is out, check video in HD! …

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Jun 11

>Refugee all stars – Living like a refugee

>Tracklist:01. Living Like A Refugee02. Soda Pop03. Weapon Conflict04. Bull To The Weak05. Big Lesson06. Let We Do We Own07. Smile08. Compliments For The Peace09. Pat Malonthone10. Garbage To The Showglass11. Akera Ka Abonshor12. Kele Mani13. I’m Not A Fool14. Ya N’Digba15. Refugee Rolling16. Monkey Work17. Ma Fo YaSoundtrack del documental sobre la banda de …

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