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>Fun-Da-Mental – All Is War (2006)

Posted: 21st Julio 2010 by rebel in Fun-Da-Mental

> 1. I Reject2. Electro G-Had3. 786 All Is War4. Cookbook DIY5. Che Bin Pt 26. Parasites7. Bark Like A Dog8. B4 I Leave9. White Tongues10. 5 Prayers Of Afghan Women11. Ya La Li – The Leopard12. Screbinicia Massacre13. Che Bin Pt 1 Reino Unido. Propaghandi y DJ Impi-D acompañados de distintos poetas, raperos y […]

> 1. The Last Gospel2. Fire Water3. Sunday School4. Pollution5. Wandering Soul6. Spy-Cat7. More Than a Hundred Times8. There Shall Be Love!9. Tagai Soul10. All-Seeing Heart11. Human Waves MY SPACEDOWNLOAD

> 1. Ja Sha Taan (Wayward Soul remix)2. Rape (tactic of war)3. Willpower (full sermon)4. Ja Sha taan (J&MC Jon Reid mix)5. A lesson in love Listen !!! ( Wisdom speaks)6. Ja Sha taan (J&MC remix with FDM version)7. Ja Sha Taan (Wayward Instrumental re-edit)8. Ja Sha taan (J&MC William Reid version)9. Full Metal Tabla […]

>Fun-Da-Mental – Erotic Terrorism (1998)

Posted: 21st Julio 2010 by rebel in Fun-Da-Mental

> 1. Oh Lord!2. Demonised Soul3. Godevil4. Ja Sha Taan5. Blood In Transit6. Repent7. Deathening Silence8. Furious9. See I A10. Distorted C11. One Ness12. Sliced Lead13. Tongue Gone Cold MY SPACEVIDEODOWNLOAD

> 1. Sin, In The Name Of…2. Dog War3. Intolerant Gold Burger4. My Gration5. When I Want Your Opinion, I’ll Give It To You6. Mother Africa Feeding Sister India7. Bubbleman8. Chains With Names9. Race2War10. Liberating Gold Burger11. Oppress The Oppresser12. Global Tales MY SPACEVIDEODOWNLOAD