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1. Fears (Live) 2. Champagne (Live) 3. No (Live) 4. Friends (Live) 5. Police State (Live) 6. Who’s War (Live) 7. Rule The World (Live) 8. Dun Di Place (Live) 9. Vibes (Live) 10. Fyah (Unreleased) 11. Bad Minded (Unreleased) 12. Fyah (Remix) 13. Pon Di Block (Remix) 14. Enemy (Remix) 15. Dun Di Place […]

1. Move Positive 2. Rebel 3. Pocket Dial ft. Becks 4. Real Life Soldiers (Dem Lookin) 5. Oh My 6. Standing By The Wall 7. One More Day 8. Informer ft. Bushman 9. Everyting Gonna Be Alright Alrigth 10. It All Happened So Fast 11. They Are So Regular 12. People Living Together ft. Bushman […]

>Fear Nuttin Band – Yardcore [2007]

Posted: 12th Septiembre 2009 by rebel in Fear Nuttin Band

>1. Enemy2. Rule The World3. Dun Di Place4. Police State5. Pon Di Black6. Vibes7. Runaway8. Fears9. No10. Champagne11. Can’t Get Mi Weed12. Friends13. Real Music “Some bands have coined themselves as revolutionary, but Fear Nuttin Band is evolutionary. With their musical roots fusing the intensity of metal, the rhythm of Jamaican dance hall and the […]