Kuningasidea – On Uusi Aika (2012)

1. Intro
2. Valkoinen lippu
3. Huomisen haavat
4. Suurmiehet
5. Neekaanol
6. Enemmän duo ku sooloo
7. Prinsessa
8. Juna
9. Katto päällä
10. Kuinka monta
11. Mistä on tultu
12. Tiikerililja

Finlandia. Kuningasidea es una banda finlandesa con diversas influencias musicales como el reggae, el rap, el rock y folk finlandés.



    1. Hi Gadjo!

      I don´t know the reason that track mark error. When you open the RAR (double click) you can see there is the option “Extract to” (or something like that, I have it in Spanish) click there and will appear another window, click in “conserve damage files” (again, something like that) and you will get all the tracks.

      Try this and please tell me if you got all the tracks. Cheers!